Waiting Until Later For What You Want Now  

Key Question:  What do you do when it's hard to wait?

Having a plan for your impatience is important.  Rather than just letting your frustration get to you, you can know the steps you can take to make sure that you don't lose your cool. We want kids to discover how they can make patience a priority.

There's an important patience principle King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 14:29.  "Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly."  How we respond to waiting shows others our character.  Getting frustrated and angry doesn't make the wait any less, it just makes us look foolish. 

Bottom Line:  When you think you can't wait, keep your cool.  Sometimes when you're waiting, becoming angry and frustrated with others is the first thing that pops into our minds.  But when it comes to waiting, often there's very little we can do to make the wait any less.  While you're waiting, don't make yourself look foolish by taking it out on the people around you. 



Proving you care more about each other than winning an argument.

We're excited to talk to your kids about peace this month.  We start the month in Genesis 13:5-18.  God blessed Abram and his nephew, Lot, with a large amount of flocks and herds, so many that the land they were on could't sustain all of them.  The workers on each side were not getting along.  Abram and Lot knew it was time to separate.  Although God had promised Abram the land of Canaan and had a right to take whatever he wanted, Abram allowed Lot to choose first.  Abram let go of the best land in order to make peace with his family.  

Bottom Line:  Prove you care more about others by letting go of "what's fair."  Sometimes choosing peace means letting go of what we want of our perception of ourselves. Preserving the relationship is more important than protecting our own sense of fairness.

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Showing others they are valuable by how you treat them.

Key Question: Have you ever received unexpected kindness? Often the best kindness is the kindness that feels completely random. this week we are helping kids discover how they feel when someone surprises them with kindness. You can help them figure out the unexpected ways they can show kindness to people in their life.

In Matthew 25:35-40, we revisited one of Jesus' teachings on kindness. For one reason or another, people are overlooked every day—no one even notices them, much less shows kindness to them. But Jesus says that when we show kindness to one of the least of these, it's as if we're showing kindness to Him. We hope kids can discover how they can show kindness to people who are overlooked in their world.

Bottom Line: Be kind to people who are overlooked. Everyone deserves to be treated like they’re valuable, no matter who they are. We hope kids start to see people who have needs and work with the adults in their life to show kindness and meet those needs.