Teens - Blow Chunks Pictures!

Lastnight we had our infamous "Blow Chunks" night. It's no suprise that young people are into being grossed out, and we love to have fun while teaching spiritual lessons!

We split the youth into two teams and had the team captians draw a ticket from a bag. The ticket deturmined their fate, and told what item they would be challenged to eat. We also had a couple of our graduated seniors volunteer to do the "Milk Chug Challenge". We all got grossed out, and had fun challenging eachother.

I then talked about the sickness and nausea that we can get in our hearts from taking in the wrong kind of things from the world around us. Wether its TV, music, unhealthy relationships, sex, drugs, our own mouths even can cause a sickness in our hearts. The only doctor that can cure that sickness is Jesus Christ, and he is waiting with open arms to receive you with love, acceptence, and forgiveness if you will confess that you have made poor choices and need rescued. Several students raised their hand asking Jesus to be their savior, and several more asked for prayer as they give Jesus control over their hearts to clean out the things that have made them sick. 

Thanks to our AMAZING volunteer youth staff we got a TON of pictures. Some of them are not for the weak in the tummy. You have been warned ;)


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