Frequently Asked Questions about Pastor Ron's New Role

Is Pastor Joe leaving?

No. Pastor Joe has lived here his whole life, and will still be a part of the pastoral staff.

What is Pastor Joe's new role?

Pastor Joe is transitioning to an Executive Pastor role. As Executive Pastor his primary job is managing. He will manage our new building project, our current facilities, finances, trustees, and transportation. He will also mentor team leaders to level up their leadership. He will continue to provide accountability and counsel to Pastor Ron as he assumes the lead pastor role.

What is Pastor Ron's new role?

Pastor Ron is transitioning to the Lead Pastor role. As Lead Pastor he will be responsible for the vision, spiritual direction, and teaching of the church. He will continue to develop leaders for small groups, guest services, youth ministry, giving, media team, discipleship, worship team, student leadership, teachers, and preachers. He will guide the staff, and continue to develop strategies to be a church where broken people find hope.

What is Johnell's role?

Johnell will continue as Children's Director, Treasurer, and Church Secretary. She is leveling up by developing team leaders to lead the kids ministry.

How does this affect you?

On Sunday mornings you will see Pastor Ron speaking more frequently. Pastor Joe, and Sue are still available for counseling. Pastor Ron will take the lead on ministry meetings. As we work out the transition we feel you'll experience more clarity and better communication from the Pastoral Team.

What new opportunities will there be for you?

You have the opportunity to Level Up! We are building teams to accomplish the vision, and mission God has given us. Join a team or step up and lead

Why are we making this transition?

  • It's time to level up!
  • Pastor Joe has been working with Pastor Ron to make this transition for several years.
  • We are a church that values preparation over preservation.
  • We feel God has called Pastor Ron to this position.
  • Pastor Joe's new role will allow him to focus on his gifting, and help Pastor Ron develop more leaders.
  • Pastor Ron's new role will allow him to focus on his gifting as a communicator, and develop more leaders, communicators, and ministry opportunities for the cbcfamily.

Is the vision and direction of the church changing?

No! We are a church where broken people find hope. Pastor Ron and Pastor Joe have the same heart, and the same vision. They have been writing sermons together for over a year. Their individual strengths have naturally lead them to assume these roles internally. It just makes sense to officially transition these roles externally.

How does this transition affect youth group?

Pastor Ron is developing communicators, and teams to level up youth ministry. He will continue to speak to the youth, and mentor the youth team. His new role will allow the youth team to level up to fill Pastor Ron's role. A new generation of leadership in youth group will help us prepare for what God has called us to do in our community.

How does this transition affect our worship team?

Pastor Ron will continue to lead worship for now. We are looking to grow someone to take that position to level up our worship experience.

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