October 15th Unity Walk


On October 15th we are partnering together with other churches to walk in unity and prayer.

We want our whole church to participate!
Please buy a t-shirt for $9 and wear it at the walk.

Parking is at 8:30-9am at Faith Assembly.


Pastor Joe is running the bus to St. Paul's AME where the walk will start. We will stop at several churches in the downtown area and pray.

The walk is about 2.2 miles total. Please bring water and snacks as needed for your walk.

We will end the walk at Bread Of Life on Coolspring street. There will be some hotdogs and refreshments at the end of the walk. Pastor Joe will then shuttle people back to their cars on our bus.

Please plan to come out and show CBCFAMILY support for our community on Oct 15th!

We are specifically praying for these things:

Poverty: We believe the Kingdom of God is freely available to both the haves and the have nots. We welcome people from every social class into our churches and commit to working with local agencies and ministries to help break the cycle of poverty in our county.

Addiction: We believe the addict is our brother and sister. We welcome them with open arms. We will support our local recovery communities recognizing that freedom comes from admitting our powerlessness and surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ.

Family: The kingdom is first in our hearts and also  in our homes. We confess that the only solution to our family issues is to become the kind of people that really do the things that Jesus taught, and to teach others how to be transformed by surrender to Jesus. 

Religion: We believe religion in itself is inadequate. We must surrender our lives to being disciples of Jesus. When we say we love God we intend to really do the things Jesus commanded.