Family Center


It all started when...

We started six years ago bringing children from throughout our community to church to feed them through The Summer Food Program and have an activity for them. This grew from only having 6 children in the summer months to all year round and reaching around 100 children on any given Wednesday night.

We are now out of room in our present facility so we are building a family center beside the existing building. This new building will provide space for classrooms for after school programming that would include help with homework, music lessons, and a STEM room where they can learn robotics and programming. It will also have an area to play basketball and have other organized physical activities.

We have found a building at a great price and is big enough to meet these needs. The original price of this building was $120,000, but they are selling it to us for $72,000. We have put a $16,000 deposit down on it and we will owe the remaining $58,000. This of course is only the building, but it's a start. We estimate the total building to be around $200,000 which will include materials to complete the interior and our volunteers doing the labor.

We are making a difference in our community. One example of this is Tony. Six years ago Tony started coming to our Summer Food Program. He was a very troubled and disruptive young man with many family issues that I do not have the liberty to talk about.

We invested time, instruction, and love in Tony. He graduated last year with a 4.0 GPA and is furthering his education at Penn State Fayette. He also volunteers every Wednesday evening to help with other children and is now giving back. Tony is only one of many that we have been able to support and encourage to change his life trajectory.

We are not able to do this on our own. We are doing our part, but we need help. You can make a difference in Fayette County. You can make a life long impact on the young people in our City.  There are moments in our lives of disproportionate influence. There are moments where we can make 10x investments. This is one of those moments. I know you want to make Fayette County a better place to live. I know you want the next generation to succeed. This is your moment to make that investment.

So please, make a donation to this very worthy cause of changing our county one child at a time.

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